What is Blimp Rock?

Blimp Rock is an innovative music cooperative with one simple goal: to purchase an airship and host the world’s first blimp-based music festival over Lake Ontario, through the sale of easy listening rock. On behalf of parent corporation Blimp Rock Enterprises*, Blimp Rock frontman Peter Demakos writes simple tunes that hearken back to a simpler era – a time when hydrogen was loved and not feared for its combustible properties.

First market tested in 2013 with the release of self-titled album Blimp Rock, Blimp Rock’s comedic indie rock was a surprise success for Blimp Rock Enterprises, easily outpacing their previously top-performing investment in Rolodex futures. The band’s whimsical everyday subject matter and Demakos’ laconic delivery struck a cord with audiences worldwide, and the tour dates followed. Over a star-studded ensuing year the band toured the world, presenting the Blimp Rock message through music and PowerPoint in all the world’s finest cities: Paris, Peterborough, Berlin and Windsor.

In 2015 the band released their second LP Sophomore Slump. Featuring the anthemic single ‘Let’s All Stay in Tonight’, overwhelmingly positve reviews of the record were overshadowed by a subsequent legal dispute with the Toronto Blue Jays. The controversy resulted in Blimp Rock being sent over 100 messages of hate mail.

Soap Opera, the third Blimp Rock album, was offered to the public on June 16th, 2017. A thematic tribute to coming clean, it's also the first album to be released in bars of soap. Showering light on subjects ranging from coping with micro-traumas to navigating a relationship with Satan Himself (played by Mathias Kom), Soap Opera is a wildly silly, sentimental and (quite literally) refreshing record.

Check out the video for single "Dear Science" below:


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*In celebration of this new release, Blimp Rock’s parent company has changed it’s name to Blimp Rock Enterprises and Bath Products.